Neumayer, der Wein vom Stein


The winegrowing region of the
Traisental is noted for its complex
geology. In the East, towards the
Danube, deep layers of clay soil
predominate. In the West, towards
the Wachau, we find the classic
prehistoric stony soils, known as

In the area round Inzersdorf there
is a narrow transitional zone between
these two formations where the soil
consists of a poor chalky conglomerate.
This geological variety lends itself
ideally to the subtle nuances
which characterise our wines.


Our vineyards are mainly on small
terraces. In keeping with our
traditions it goes without saying that
we work by hand as nature intended.

Bushes and trees, flowers and
weeds provide a diversity of

At the present time we have about
nine nine hectares of vineyard
under cultivation, a mosaic of
many plots.

Our Vineyards

Our Vineyards

Our Wine Terraces are: Engelreich,
Rafasetzen, Zwirch, Rothenbart, Gießgraben,
Seigarten, Spielberg und Hendlgraben

The Traisental Region

The valley of the Traisen is an ancient
winegrowing region. As early as 1673
the wines of Inzersdorf were rated
higher than those of the Wachau.

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