Neumayer, der Wein vom Stein

White wines are my passion

What makes great white wines stand
out is their pure elegance. They sparkle
with strength and intensity. They shine
with clarity and refinement. This
balance is my yardstick.

Chalky soils typically yield very lightly
coloured crystal clear wines with lively
levels of acidity. Their delicate balance
makes them impressive.

The barren conditions of the poor stony
soils mean that my wines develop really
late. Often it is not before late spring
that they find their right balance.


As a result they develop a longevity
rarely found in white wines. Showy
gestures are not my style.

My wines are crafted for joy as a
stimulating accompaniment to good
food or as a focus for the palette in
their own right.

Grüner Veltliner

Weingut Ludwig Neumayer

The Grüner Veltliners comes in a fascinating
range, reflecting the character of each terrace.


It is their refinement that makes the
great among these Pinot Blancs

Our aim is to create not just breadth
and richness, but also a lively intensity
of flavour.

The elemental strength of this variety
is balanced by its vibrant acidity. For
this our our chalky soils are ideal.


Weingut Ludwig Neumayer

Riesling is the perfect example of
a lively and invigorating wine.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a wine of
fascinating versatility and intensity.

Biased reductions such as grassiness,
a hint of cassis or the memory of my
favourite cat are not my style.

A great sauvignon blanc requires
the best grapes picked when
already very ripe.


Weingut Ludwig Neumayer

Chardonnay from a chalky soil combines
strength and a dynamic acidity.

Cuvée vom Stein

The Cuvée vom Stein is pure joy for
every occasion.

A blend of grapes from an almost
sixty year old vineyard enriched with
a carefully chosen selection from
various varieties results in an
especially fragrant, exciting and
complex wine. Each year I am
curious to see how it will turn out.

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